About us

Based in Francorchamps, Fraipont SRL is engaged in high precision machining, primarily focusing on the machining, turning, bar turning and milling of parts.

The main raw materials used are brass, aluminium, steel and stainless steel, and also plastics. In addition, specialist materials can also be processed (titanium, tungsten alloy, etc.).

The workshop operates small, medium and large production runs of requested parts for a wide range of industrial subcontracting sectors.


Areas of activity

Fraipont SRL owes its reputation to the performance of its tools, predominantly built on cutting-edge technologies, its expertise and the quality of its products.


In addition to its material assets it delivers:

  • The design and development of a wide range of prototypes.
  • The engraving of luxury parts for decoration.
  • Sandblasting, micro sandblasting and polishing of parts, as well as the follow up of outsourced surface finishing.
Fraipont SRL designs and produces its own
lighting, switches and decoration products: